Chef West Program

About Us

The Chef West Program has been in existence since 1989. Membership consists of independent food factories from the U.S.A. and overseas. The Member factories are reputable leaders in their fields with some operating since the turn of the century. The Chef West brand is manufactured and distributed exclusively under the Chef West program. An increasing volume of products are channeled each year by members through this program.

The Chef West program offers unique opportunities to member factories and to the global network of Chef West distributors and customers. While members benefit primarily through an ever growing customer base, the Chef West program offers its distributors many advantages as well.

  • A tested and reliable base of reputable and certified manufacturers.
  • Dependable support from member factories.
  • Large selection of tested premium products under one brand.
  • Reduction of usual risks and high costs associated with international procurement.
  • Flexible and responsive product formulation, packaging and labeling to meet individual needs.
  • Product labels and packaging successfully communicate a premium quality message.
  • Up to date market information and intelligence covering a large range of products.

Marketing the Chef West program within this network is coordinated by the California headquarters of Chef West Foods, Inc. The California home office is also assigned the task of finalizing contracts between parties, budgeting and the procurement of certain raw materials and supplies for some of the members. Our marketing and sales team in California continuously develops new products and recipes, tailors products to specific markets and needs, and organizes promotional programs between Chef West program member factories and distributors. In conjunction with member factories, our quality control team tests and scrutinizes products periodically to insure their continued compliance with Chef West standards. This assures consistent high quality for Chef West products and shipments. Prospective factories and distributors similarly undergo careful evaluation along strict guidelines to insure that membership criteria are satisfied. This process is in place to promote the continued integrity of the Chef West program. Our long term objective is to advance the development of high quality products, minimize risks and maximize profits for the Chef West program membership.

When you want the best, ask for Chef West!